How to Become a Python Developer

Learning JavaScript will add a few more months to your learning process, but knowing JavaScript will also open up even more development jobs. You can learn this popular programming language by attending a bootcamp program or online courses and joining a Python programming community with access to tutorials and guides. The Python programming language is extremely popular so finding online communities or certification courses to learn this language is easy. You can also master Python through self-studying, bootcamp programs, resource guides, and short courses.

  • If you have proficiency in English, you can start writing basic Python code logic in just a few days.
  • Then download my list of favorite Python learning resources.
  • Once you get this experience, you will be ready to take the exam.
  • Our instructors, who are FAANG hiring managers, know what it takes to nail tough tech interviews at top technology companies.

Python is the most popular introductory programming language taught in universities in the USA. Its simple syntax makes it very easy to read and write, helping students begin to think like programmers quickly without worry about code-writing conventions too much. If you’ve had some experience with programming How to Become a Java Programmer languages, you may be able to go over the basics in a week or two. As a beginner, the fundamentals of Python will take you roughly 6-8 weeks to learn to read and understand most lines of Python code. Still, it would require more time to learn advanced knowledge to become an actual developer.

The Bottom Line – Simple And Straightforward Tips To Become A Full Stack Developer

You can use these books to supplement your Dataquest courses, where you’ll learn this information and more, specifically tailored to data analysis and data science. This is perfect for students who want real-world context for the skills they learn in our data science paths.

How long does it take to become a Python developer?

This programming language is easy to read and learn while also bearing some resemblance to the English language, with a mathematical impact. First, you’ll need to learn essential Python concepts such as object-oriented programming, primitive data types, basic syntax, semantics, and arithmetic operators. Good Python developers often land high-paying jobs in different 7 Best Microsoft Azure Certifications: Which is Right for You? fields. Let’s look at the average salary of roles that are largely based on Python. If you have no prior programming experience and start learning Python from scratch, a good programming course can help you learn Python in about 5-6 months. How long it would take you to learn Python depends on what level of mastery you wish to achieve in the language.

Your Knowledge and Experience With Programming

University degrees give you a much broader education that may include some theoretical concepts that you’d rather skip. Not only that, but the cost of a college degree is much higher than any other option on this list. Testing software and fixing bugs is one of the most common aspects of this role. A lot depends on the software that these professionals are working on, so they need to ensure that it is in optimal condition. Many coding professionals have the luxury of working from the comfort of their homes. You can join globally renowned companies from anywhere around the world. Make sure your information is up to date on job portals like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and CareerBuilder.

Python is not the mostly used language in the web, however, it is constantly growing – especially in a startup environment where time and budget are usually limited. As a language, it is aspect-oriented which means there are modules with different functionality. The Python developer is usually dealing with backend components, apps connection with third-party web services and giving support to frontend developers in web applications. Of course, you might create applications with use of different languages but pretty often Python is the language chosen for it – and there are reasons for that! You can read more about what is Python used for and how does stack up againstPHP. How long you take to achieve your learning goals will really depend on how much time you can dedicate to them. Some people claim that you can pick up a workable knowledge of Python within just two months, if you’re completely focused on it.

Tip 10: Start a Blog and Write about What You Have Learned

It takes on an average of 8 weeks i.e around 2 months to learn basic python. Basic python includes syntax, a conditional Become a Windows Network Engineer statement like if-else statements, and loops like for loop and while loop, variables, functions, and data types.

Is Python developer a good career?

Being a Python developer is a good career choice, mainly due to the increasing demand for Python developers in many industries. Many high profile companies such as Google and Facebook use Python, and it also has a high paying salary with an average of $120,000 USD per year.

Given the readability and simplicity of the syntax, it is possible to start learning Python on your own. Python’s massive and active user community can help you with your questions if you get stuck while learning. Remember, to learn Python, it is important to get a stronghold of the fundamentals. Learning these concepts will help you understand how the language works, allowing you to start performing a range of programming tasks.

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As a result, web development is one of the most profitable jobs in the computer industry. PyPI is a software repository for this programming language. This programming language has a vast library available, and these resources can help you pursue this position easier. You have created a good portfolio, and it’s time to start looking for jobs in this industry.

Is Python enough to get a job?

No, Python alone is not enough to get a job, but knowing python basics and other soft skills and a good educational background certainly help you.

The more time you can dedicate to learning and practicing, the faster you will see results. Depending on the course you choose, you will build your first Python projects during the course already. With over 1.5 million students so far, you will be joining a massive community of other Python beginners. But if you are entirely new to coding, make sure you allow yourself to take the time to understand how things really work. Let’s look at a few different levels to get a better overview of things. The average Python developer salary is $116,043 annually in the US. If you simply want to learn Python basics, you can see results within a few weeks.

Python Developer Salary Based on Location

A straight self-learning regime may be enough for some, but if you’re like most people, you’ll struggle to stick to a study plan that’s completely self-imposed. Its elementary syntax allows for quick learning and contributes to an effective coding experience. This makes it easier to progress to larger and more complex projects. Python is a versatile programming language used to create powerful applications and websites with serious wow factor. Most programmers agree that Python is more productive than other languages like Java and C++. It has a huge number of possible applications, which can be quite a lot to absorb. It can be used to build just about anything, as long as you use the right tools and libraries.

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